SOPs for Chapters

SOPs for the Chapters of the Pakistan Cardiac Society

Standard Operating Procedures

for Chapter Coordinators

(Approved 13th January 2019)

  • Chapter Coordinator will be responsible to complete the PCS membership in his region and area of catchment. It will be his prime duty to bring  each and every cardiologist of the region under umbrella of PCS.

  • Chapter Coordinator will constitute the Local Executive Council comprising on 6 – 8 members with representation of all public and private sector Hospitals & Cardiologists. May include members from DHQ Hospitals of his region where cardiology unit is functional.


  • CME Activities
          • Chapter Coordinator will conduct monthly or bi monthly clinical meetings comprising of 3 – 4 short clinical cases at the level of PGRs of FCPS Cardiology / Medicine level 3.
          • One quarterly half day symposium, one common topic for family Physician , General Physician & Medical Officers & Post Graduate Residence or joint meeting with other society on topic of common interest (at least 3 in 1 year).
          • Chapter Coordinator will regularly submit activity report of his respective chapter to PCS head office and also update on relevant WhatsApp Group.
          • To arrange BLS workshop for health care providence public awareness / Schools / College lecture once a month.
          • Disseminate all the information received from PCS office to all the members of his region by Whatsapp group / Email.
          • Collection of annual dues from local members.


  • Chapter Coordinator is bound to submit annual activity report of chapter along with pictures to PCS Head Office and convener of upcoming CardoCon to be published in souvenir of annual conference at least one month before the date of Annual Cardiology Conference.

  • Chapter Coordinator will be the bridge between PCS Head office and Cardiologists community of his area. He will disseminate all the information passed down from head office to doctors concerned of his area.

  • Chapter Coordinator will abide by all the rules and regulations of society


  • Uphold constitution of Society.